Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Sunday evening thoughts

So after being on a work course all week, I've been on my hypno-psychotherapy course all weekend, so I've hardly had a chance to do anything else, or read livejournal.

I think this is the first FA Cup Final I've missed Ever, and it seems to have been the best for a decade. Humph.

I did catch Doctor Who. I thought it was old-school, quite exciting. The most inspired bit was the flensing in Battersea Power Station: that gave me a big thrill. The rest was pretty good, quite scary and visceral. Cybermen are my favourites. Nice to see Don Warrington in action again. I love his supercilious air.

Criminal Intent was about warring psychotherapists, and owed quite a bit to 'Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?'. Well written, but not so much Goren-luvin as last week.

On the course we did regression and childhood stuff. I found it very emotional. It made me think about how being allowed to speak truthfully (or perhaps I mean authentically) is a marker of powerfulness or status. It's also a kind of commodity, that you can swap for other things.
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