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And the horse you rode in on

I've seldom seen such diversity of opinion about a Doctor Who episode. altariel thinks it is her favourite episode, matildabj hated it. nostalgia_lj says it should have been a two-parter to get the emotional pacing right, but liked it a lot. spacefall said 'it could've rocked utterly and it didn't'.

Was the doc being a bit masochistic and deliberately putting himself into paradoxical angst? snowgrouse just posted a very interesting comment about people clinging to suffering as a demarcation of status: The Sufferer King.

I thought it was far too sketchy on a number of important points, both technical and emotional, but overall I liked it. I have a problem in that the 18th century French court is my personal standard for Useless Parasitic Wankers, so it's hard to root for them. What about the workers? Though Pompadour was presumably a top class mind. A brave script decision to choose someone that 99% of the target audience won't have heard of. Let's hope they go and find out. Next week: the doctor in a menage with Lady Mary Wortley-Montagu and Aphra Behn.

Apparently there is a vein of doctor who fandom who don't remember any previous companions, and think Rose is the doctor's one true love. I can imagine how irritating they must be on various levels, and the delightful sensation as their point of view is dismantled without anaesthetic.
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