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Doctor Who

I've been away for several days and I haven't read livejournal, so I don't know if I'm sticking my neck out here, but I really didn't enjoy this week's Doctor Who very much at all. I thought it was silly and trivial. Unlike the Dickens episode there wasn't much sense of travel in time, it was more like travel to a shallow cod-Victorian playground.

I often get annoyed when people nit-pick about details, but this seemed to fail right across the board in evoking any sense of the Victorian. You'll probably think this is silly but when The Doctor introduced the Queen to Rose instead of the other way round it just lost me. And the way they spoke to her - no matter what it says on that piece of paper, they would have lost all credibility and good-will. And the way they were smirking and giggling all the way through.

(Ah, having read a few lj thoughts I see they may be 'being set up for a fall'. OK, but they can't go through space and time acting like such utter dick-heads)

Tennant is clearly extraordinarily good looking, and they filmed and lit him to the best possible effect. But I thought 50% of his acting was quite poor, and I know he is a talented actor, so I'm wondering if it was the direction? Or has he yet to find his feet in this role?

There were good parts - the imitation of the BBC corporate ID, some of the evocation of emotion, some of the characterisation, but I don't quite believe in this series yet. Things are a bit too easy, a bit too smug.
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