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Rumours of Death (of feminism)

hardrada says

In The Death of Feminism Phyllis Chesler believes that feminism has failed women throughout the world, by failing to stand up to the scourge of Islam. Seeing this article in print is like drinking fresh water on a hot day.

(read hardrada's comments in full here)

I think Chesler is utterly disingenuous and mischievous in criticising feminists. I could go on at length but here's a quick rant:

- Feminism is a movement of relatively powerless people, which has produced change by working through argument and demonstration not military aggression

- Using these methods Feminism has consistently tackled the sexism of all religions, including Islam, for decades. We have criticised western alliances with the Taliban, with the Saudis, with Saddam Hussein. We have offered support for battered women, and women in abusive relationships, from all religious and ethnic groups. We have campaigned against genital mutilation, forced marriage, forced pregnancy, unequal property rights (etc. etc.) in Islamic and Christian and secular countries.

- In most of this we got no aid from western governments, and their pets like Chesler, until we dragged them kicking and screaming by the weight of public support which we had generated without power, without backing, without religious or political help.

- People like Chesler are only pretending to care about Moslem women because it furthers militaristic geopolitical aims.

- People like Chesler completely ignore massive abuses of women's right in places like El Salvador, by Christian governments that were put in place by American interests. And if you want to know about women dying in El Salvador for fetishistic religious reasons read about the Vagina Police here. and here ('Hospitals must force women with ectopic pregnancies to wait until the embryos burst inside them' and so on)

In short - to be lectured as not caring enough for Moslems by frickin' Chesler, author of that convincing work 'The Islamization of America' makes me very angry indeed.

ETA - I don't attribute pro-war and racist attitudes to Hardrada, but I think his quite understandable anger with religious extremism has allowed him to be manipulated by Chesler, who is dishonest in her professed concern for other women.
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