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A story in 'Body and Soul' about her experience of childbirth under the private health system. 'My daughter was born by c-section on Saturday night and insurance being what it is, we were home early on Monday morning'. What???

My daughter was born in 1995. She was a C-section. She came out late one Saturday night, and, insurance being what it is, we were both home early the following Monday morning. When I was sent home I was still unable to turn over in bed without help, let alone walk. Within a day or so, I had a temperature of 105, and a serious infection. Not long after, I had a husband who was supposed to go back to work, having used up his miserly few personal leave days. We have no family in California. I was going to be left alone, unable to get up without falling over, with a raging fever (and, by this time, a catheter) to take care of a newborn baby.

And then a friend reminded my husband about the Family Leave Act, which Clinton had signed two years earlier, requiring employers to give workers up to 12 weeks a year of unpaid time off to care for a family member (or, in our case, two family members). I don't know anybody who could afford to lose 12 weeks of their salary, but my husband took off a week, which he would not have been entitled to without Bill Clinton, and which meant that my daughter was taken care of, by her father, for the first weeks of her life, and not left to cry in her crib because her mother would not have been able to pick her up without dropping her, even if she'd been able to get across the room to the crib.

In case anyone gets the opportunity to break it to George Bush, that is what family values are all about.

Shit, I've had a Caesarian. I couldn't even move to get comfy in the bed for two days. I could only turn my head on the pillow to suck water out of a bottle. I can remember thinking 'I just have to endure the pain until my body heals'. And of course eventually it did, so that at last I could sit up, then stand holding onto something, and eventually walk. But this took a week.

A follow-up to this may be found in 'Why your wife won't have sex with you' (which seems to be a blog about the politics of birth and parenthood)

A piece of legislation Bill Clinton signed in 1996 requiring insurers to pay for hospital stays of at least 48 hours following normal childbirth and 96 hours following a Caesarian -- unless a mom herself wants to go home sooner

Or in short... Medicine and employment practice can not be determined by market considerations alone. Because the result is horror.

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