Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Get Communicator

lamentables said she was lying awake wondering who would play her if her life was a film? And who would direct that film?

Who would you cast to play you in a film? Unconstrained by vulgar realism (and if you like, ignoring gender or physical resemblance)?

I would like to be played by Julie Walters - a vulgar brummie like me, and somewhat similar physical type (though she's much better looking and about ten years older). I have a bit of a preference for women who about ten to fifteen years older than me.

Of boys perhaps Dylan Moran or Dermot Morgan (sadly missed).

I'd quite like Ridley Scott ('Blog Runner') or Mike Hodges ('Get Communicator') to direct my life, though it might be rather exhausting. Or Alfonso Cuaron of course.
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