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Life Is Sweet

I saw most of Life is Sweet by Mike Leigh last night. An improvised film starring the usual Mike Leigh faithfuls (and David Thewlis), about a few days in the life of a working class London family.

IMDB review I don't think I'm being overly sentimental when I say that, sometimes we need films that show us that, on the whole, people are good and trying to do the best they can in a difficult world. I don't see many directors who are willing to show us flawed characters who fight through difficulties with heart and humor and work things out.

Nothing much happened, none of the problems was completely resolved. Timothy Spall is perhaps not quite up to his usual standard, because his character is a bit of a joke. But Jane Horrocks as a young woman who is a complete mess is amazing - in fact every single female character is full and real - Alison Steadman seems superficial at first but is revealed to be full of strength - incredible in a modern film to see so many good female characters.

Recommended (contains no space ships or robots, but does have licking chocolate off breasts).

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