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I haven't seen Crash, but at the time it came out I seem to remember reading positive reviews. I kind of had the impression it was 'good' - intelligent, warm, anti-racist etc. 'Best film this year' kind of stuff. Since it won the 'Best Picture' Oscar I have read blog after blog ripping into it. is this because people are pissed off that it robbed Brokeback Mountain? Or was the film itself so very bad?

Here are some comments

" was offensively (and righteously) stupid crap, the kind that will be remembered not as the vaguely progressive criticism of our era that it proclaims itself to be, but as aesthetic distillation of the times's most shallow impulses." (link)

"Has any movie this bad ever won Best Picture before? I can think of a few that came close, but none quite as terrible as this year's winner. I mean, this movie was written and directed by a creator of Walker, Texas Ranger. And Walker, Texas Ranger was actually better." (Bookslut)

Have you seen it? Is it as bad as that?
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