Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Important research

A theory of everything is a theory of theoretical physics and mathematics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena. So today I want to do the background research for the Universal and Comprehensive Survey of Hotness. This arose because the original Quiz of Hotness was deemed to be too limited in its scope. That is all the guys were young, dumb, and no doubt full of, er, fun.

There seem to be two steps to developing a Universal Theory of Hotness (henceforth UTH). This would be to:

- establish key parameters and/or variables
- exemplify these parameters through concrete instances

We would then have to have some kind of renormalisation process, and this may give us problems, as illustrated here and here

So as a first step, could you let me know what traits are worth considering (for instance the frail, the robust, the geeky, the Northern) and who exemplifies those traits (pics if possible).
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