Communicator (communicator) wrote,

You're a big man, but you're out of shape

While I wait impatiently for kalypso_v to post her verdict on whether the final episode of Life on Mars lived up to her expectations (my guess: it did) I shall post my thoughts.

You may know that my favourite film ever is Get Carter. I was a few moments into this episode when I thought - flippin' heck (hem hem, or words to that effect) they are doing a Get Carter tribute.

Well, you'd be a bit mad to do a show about early-seventies British gangsters without drawing on Get Carter. But for me the deciding factor was this: in Get Carter the turning point is when Carter watches a porno movie and recognises his daughter in it. In this episode the turning point is when Sam watches a porno movie and recognises his father in it. I'd have liked more emotionless killing once this turning point had happened.

In other news the show had masses of great stuff, but I'll have to cogitate on it a bit longer before it sinks in.
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