Communicator (communicator) wrote,

It's a mini adventure

Crooked Timber discuss the best TV miniseries ever made.

A miniseries, in a serial storytelling medium, is a production which tells a story in a limited number of episodes (wiki-def)

The top five proposed by Chris Bertram:

1. Heimat
2. Edge of Darkness
3. The Singing Detective
4. Our Friends in the North (catch the re-run on BBC4, Wednesdays)
5. Traffik (original version with Bill Paterson)

I never really got into Heimat, but the other four are among the best things I have ever seen. Amazingly Joanne Whalley is in two of them. Other nominations from me include 'Tutti Frutti' (Robbie Coltrane as a detective is in it) and 'Pride and Prejudice'. Now, you could stretch a point and include self-contained stories within long-running series, and that would let in the first season of Prime Suspect (perhaps the most gripping telly I had ever seen) and the Cracker story with Robert Carlyle in it. These are all long gone though - perhaps it takes time to realise.
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