Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Making your mind up

I often post research findings to ridicule them, but here is a psychological finding that I think is accurate (research from Amsterdam Uni, published in 'Science' Feb 17). Heaven knows whether the methodology is good, but I agree with the results so - thumbs up!

The research shows that when making a complex decision, the best way is to collect information, and then occupy your conscious mind with some distraction. The unconscious processes the data and arrives at a conclusion. Better decisions were made using this method than by those who consciously pondered the pros and cons. (For minor decisions with fewer data, conscious deliberation was preferable).

To distract the conscious mind the researchers gave the subjects anagrams to work out. I personally don't like anagrams that much, but I know I use sudoku and low-emotion computer games like tetris for that. When I'm playing those games I am occupying this very superficial layer of talky-talking self, keeping it busy so that the rest of my brain can do its stuff. To the untrained eye it might look like a bloody waste of time :-)
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