Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Ten things

For my course next week you have to take along ten things that represent yourself. Ten is a lot. Also, I don't really get on with things too well. I am a material girl, don't get me wrong, but I break or lose things too quickly to really get attached to them. When I was fifteen my Latin teacher said to me 'I'm glad I'm not married to you, communicator, because everything you lay your hand on falls to pieces.' This may have been a reference to the Latin textbook.

Could take along some photos. But while I like to see photos, I hate the process of taking photos. I was at the Chinese restaurant (the same one we are going to tomorrow after the rehearsal) and it was this guy's birthday, so they brought out a big pineapple covered in sparklers. And none of the people at the table looked at this big fiery pineapple, because they were all looking at the tiny image of it on their mobile phones. Same at the Franz Ferdinand concert. You go to see a band, and you watch them through a minute screen?

So sometimes I associate 'things' with dislocation from experience. On the other hand I also sort of despise my own tendency to be crap with things, and I think that's another sort of dissociation from reality.

What sort of things would you choose?
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