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Going up and down, all around the bends

On Saturday night I watched one of those daft 'Top 50 100' shows on E4. It was 'top hundred music videos ever' (ETA thanks to adiezel for the link, and I obviously missed the first fifty). 'Thriller' was voted top, next 'Sledgehammer' (I like), next 'Bohemian Rhapsody' 'Take on Me' by A-Ha (ETA - I must have censored my memory).

Like all good list programmes I enjoyed this for the happy memories it brought back. Not least my first boyfriend who looked like Richard Ashcroft walking down the street in that video.

My favourite video ever is 'Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim, with Christopher Walken being old but nimble. if you haven't seen it I thoroughly recommend it. Oh, here it is.

My second (or perhaps joint) favourite music video is 'No Surprises' by Radiohead. An even starker and simpler video, it consists of Thom Yorke in a glass container (a diving helmet I think) which slowly fills with water until it covers his face. Thom is actually unable to breathe for about 50 seconds, but because he's hyped up I think his heart rate is faster and his breathing shallower than usual, so he gets quite distressed before the end. So, unusually for a video, you are actually watching something real: a pop star suffering.

My third favourite might be 'I wanna be loved' by Elvis Costello. H mentioned this one too when I asked him for his favourites. This is also a very stark video. Elvis C looking straight at the camera, singing about how sad he is, and then lots of very ordinary looking people lean over and kiss him. Doesn't cheer him up though.

H also mentioned that video by - ETA Feeder - which is made of clips from amateur videos of fans in their bedrooms. And the third one he picked was 'Once in a Lifetime' by Talking Heads.

Another favourite of mine is the Propellerheads video for History Repeating with Shirley Bassey in a mock-up of a 1960s TV studio. And that one by - who was it? - Art of Noise? - which is a remake of a Morecombe and Wise sketch where they make the breakfast.

So I guess my favourite music videos are stark, monochrome, and (relatively) real with plain-looking people in them. What videos do you like?
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