Communicator (communicator) wrote,

This is politics in my country

I do not and will not watch Big Brother, but what the hell is George Galloway up to?

He purred and mewed, his greying whiskers giving his face the appearance of a Cheshire cat. Next, George Galloway, the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, and scourge of Capitol Hill, got on all fours and pretended to lick milk from the cupped hands of Rula Lenska. She rubbed the "cream" from his "whiskers" and stroked his head and behind his ears.

The pictures in the print version of The Guardian are hilarious to embarrassingly awful.

Also Simon Hoggart says he doesn't think Charles Kennedy had a drink problem. If that is true it is much worse for the Lib Dems than I thought. Dreadfully bad judgement shown by about half their parliamentary party.
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