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gender genie

archbishopmmentions the gender genie, which purports to predict your sex from a sample of your text. This is based on some research:

Female writers use more pronouns (I, you, she, their, myself), say the program's developers. Males prefer words that identify or determine nouns (a, the, that) and words that quantify them (one, two, more).

Anyway, I fed it in a sample of my novel-in-progress which is written in the first person, but supposedly from a male p.o.v., and it thought it was written by a man. This could have been a tribute to my success in getting into character: However, I look at the success rate, which is no better than chance. Also, someone in my office fed in a paragraph from 'Wuthering Heights' and it thought that was written by a man. Of course that is a multi-layered novel with a male narrator reporting a story told to him by a female servant.

My verdict - the boring 'literature' samples which the researchers utilised in testing the algorithm are more conventional in their use of gendered language than real people are. Emily Bronte was not a conventional writer. No surprises there.
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