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More on personality and relationships

In the paper I was talking about yesterday they rank the levels of 'satisfaction' experienced in relationships between all combinations of the four broad types (as initially defined by Jung way back).

The four types (in order of how many there are in the world):

SJs (the 'Guardians') these are sensible people, usually sociable and practical, often a bit conformist
SPs (the 'Artisans') these are physically skilled people, whose judgement is weaker than their sensuality
NFs (the 'Idealists') intuitive people, who are sensitive to social and moral issues
NTs ('Intellectuals') intuitive people who emphasise logic and sometimes lack social skills

Here are the combinations with percentage satisfaction rating (highest to lowest)

the personality type of the person reporting 'satisfaction' comes first

The most satisfied:

SJ/SJ 79% (two sociable sensible people = stable marriage)
NF/NF 73% (two idealists = committed relationship)
SP/NT 73% (my relationship - intellectual with sensual - an underrated combination IMHO)

Other generally satisfying combinations:

SJ/SP 71% (sensibles enjoy sensuals, though sensuals are rather less likely to be satisfied at 63%)
NT/NF 65% (intuitives together)
SJ/NT 62% (sensibles getting along with intellectuals, the intellectuals are quite a bit less satisfied in such relationships, at 52%)
SP/SP 59% (sensuals together)
NT/NT 59% (intellectuals together)
SJ/NF 58% (sensibles fairly satisfied with idealists, idealists are less happy at 46%)

relationships less likely to report satisfaction

NT/SP 54% (while sensuals were very happy with intellectuals, the intellectuals were less likely to be satisfied with such a relationship. I think this is down to whether the SP is very brainy or not, and whether the intellectual is tolerant or intolerant of difference) (any resemblance to Kirk/Spock or Jayne/Simon is purely coincidental)
SP/NF 54% and NF/SP 51% (sensuals and idealists - SPs just wanna have fun and the NFs keep raising moral issues)
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