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Personality type and relationship compatibility

A couple of psychologists did some research* on personality type and relationship compatibility. This page has some interesting top-line data.

They asked people about what factors were most important in a relationship, and which were the strongest sources of conflict, and how satisfied they were with their relationships.

'Sexual compatibility' most important to ESTP (extrovert hard headed sensualists like Kirk and Mal Reynolds), least important to ISFP (introverted sensuals, who tend to be shy nature lovers)

'Being listened to' most important to ENFJ (extroverted idealists like Roj Blake and Book) and least important to ISTP (introverted hard headed sensuals, like Jayne and Clint Eastwood)

'Humour' most important to ENFP (most stand up comics are this personality type) least important to ISFJ (kind hearted practical types like Kaylee)

'Intellectual stimulation' most important to ENTP (extrovert intellectuals like me) and least important to ISFJ (Kaylee again)

So what do shy kind hearted girls like Kaylee look for, if not humour and intellectual excitement: 'mutual support' of course (important to 86% of Kaylee-types, and only 52% of Jayne-types)

'Shared religious beliefs' most important to ENTJ (like Richard Dawkins) least important to ESFP (like Wash and Vila Restal)

'Companionship' most important to ESFJ (like Inara - oh the irony) and least important to INTJ (like Spock, Sherlock Holmes, or Simon Tam)

and so on. I find this very fascinating.

*(unclear about methodology - sorry)
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