Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Brokeback Mountain

Saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday. It's a sad and moving picture with consistently good acting, great camera work. Its emotionally complex, well paced. In other words, I liked it loads. The build up of sexual tension I thought was well modulated, and believable. It was more romantic than sexy - parts were sexy, but on the whole, more yearning and longing. At the start when everything was going well I was thinking 'This is so great, why do stories have to have plots, can't we just enjoy two and half hours of pastoral romance?' But of course the sad story is worth the telling.

It makes you think beyond the story it tells. At one obvious level we have a dramatisation of the damage done by pointless social condemnation of love. But that 'message' could have been conveyed by a much simpler film. This one is more like 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' because it dramatises the needs of conflicting sympathetic characters, and suggests rather than answers the difficult feelings we struggle with.

For instance, what is the relationship between the early promise of love and a long term relationship? What do you lose if you can't settle down with the person you love? What do you lose if you can?

Most importantly, I think the film explored what love really is, apart from the social conventions of how we ought to show love, how we ought to behave. Real love is something that smashes through life, and I don't think anyone has found a good way of coping with it that doesn't compromise it.
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