Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Stuck at work

Charles Kennedy, leader of Britain's third party the Lib Dems, is almost certain to resign in the next few hours, I would think. Might happen before 6pm.

I'll probably still be at my damn desk. I'm still stuck at work because the only road out of the science park is blocked by a car accident. Good job my kids are big enough to look after themselves.

ETA - when I got in my car the bloody tyre was flat. Brian offered to change it for me, but as it was freezing cold and he wanted to get home to watch The Producers I just asked him to give me a lift home. Now H is off to fix it. I shall take him out for a drink later. Still no Kennedy annoucement.

EATA - tame (well, tame-ish) Lib Dem iainjcoleman is on Sky News somewhen between 7 and 8, to comment on this - exciting!
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