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Men kissing

Thanks for all those nice comments. Here is a link to a lj post which has achieved fame since it was posted a couple of days ago: a definitive collection of pics of guys kissing (more or less safe for work - no porn - and heavy on bandwidth).

There's a lot there, and a lot of the kisses fail communicator's 'really getting into it' test. On the other hand...

See! Doctor perfect snog the junkie hobbit (hobbit not into it for a change)

See! That Snog from Y tu Mama Tambien (in the full post there's a sequence of shots so you get the full impact)

Some film called Burnt Money (Cripes)

See! Listy and Rimmsy (Rimmer not getting into it, alas)

See! That guy out of Special Victims Unit, back when he was in prison in Oz

See! Clive Owen sticking his tongue in some guy's face

Alan Rickman

Alan Tudyck (can't see anything alas)

Nathan Fillion

Trey Parker and Matt Stone




(ETA from comments)

Russell Crowe

An all time favourite - Roche and Carlyle in Priest (stills don't do it justice)
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