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King Kong. Excellent film that's designed to give the public what they want. Lots of spectacle. It really should be seen at the big screen, so try to find time to go if you haven't already. I can' t imagine anyone regretting it.

I enjoyed the film immensely though I didn't fall in love with it.

People on my f-list have pointed out how much it is a film about film. It's like that story by Borges where a man in the 20th century rewrites Don Quixote, without changing the words, but with a completely different meaning.

As well as marvellous spectacle, it's got enough ideas to keep it rocking along for three hours without any loss of interest. The charactersisation is plain but effective. No actors I adore, but all good.

I guess everyone has a different idea what the key theme is, but for me it's the way that women are bound to men who lack all good qualities except the ability to protect them. But that in a world of terrible danger that can seem a fair bargain on both sides. With our rubbish civilisation also not looking so bad if the alternatives are, like, massive worms that eat you.
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