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This is hard core

I've been posting re-edited trailers of films. People change the editing convention or the sound-track and make it look like a different genre.

I've been pondering since last week whether to post this one. It's the Passion of the Christ, re-edited in a fairly offensive way. Sometimes I use 'offensive' to mean it's a hoot, it's daring or whatever. This one I think is really likely to give offense. You know how disrespectful I am to religion - but I thought this was offensive - so please don't watch it if you think that might upset you. I don't want you to be upset.

Also it's extremely violent. That's in the source material.

View it here (severest caution rating, if in doubt please don't)

I'd be interested to hear opinions. If you don't want to watch it, you can form an opinion based on the description:

So the clip is shots of torture from 'Passion of the Christ' cut to the Benny Hill theme. 99% of it is physical torture, cut to look like slapstick. The last 1% is Mary staring at you, the viewer, with no sound at all.

My first thought on this is that no parent should have taken their child to see this film. This is hard core, with or without the slapstick sound track.

If this is just a piss-take of Jesus, then it's a crap joke, and not worth a moment's thought

I think it's a bit more than that, though I perfectly well understand that religious people might not be interested in going further, and will think it is just an insult.

I think it asks questions about the relationship between pain, sex, and humour. The last scene asks you - are you still laughing? Did you think those pictures were like pornography? Do you think torture is funny? Are you embarrassed by your own reactions? Is the fault in the re-edit or in the source material? I think those are genuine questions asked by this re-edit.

I think as well they are important questions for people like me who like to watch violent scenes. But not this violent.

But I could be wrong. Perhaps this is just some git trying to make a sick joke.
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