Communicator (communicator) wrote,

head not work so good

I am off sick today. My brain is mush. I decided to meme, because that puts off starting housework, which is sitting there mutely demanding attention. Nicked off, erm, lots of people - told you my brain was mush.

Four jobs you've done

* Cinema Usherette
* Senior Research Executive
* School textbook writer
* Ran the vegetable section at Woolworths

Four films you could watch over and over

* Get Carter
* Alien
* Spirited Away
* Pulp Fiction

Four cities you've lived in

* Birmingham
* London
* Coventry
* all the other places have been towns

Four TV programs you love(d) to watch

* Blake's 7
* Shameless
* Bodies
* Firefly

Four places you've been on holiday

* Toronto
* Brittany
* Berlin
* Morocco

Four websites you visit daily

* Livejournal (and then lots of others that have RSS feeds into livejournal)
* Crooked Timber
* Pandagon
* metafilter (90% rubbish, but its easy to spot the good stuff)

Four of your favourite foods

* Braised lamb shank
* Bubble and squeak
* Risotto
* Fresh bread

Four places you'd rather be right now

* Carcasonne
* The Peak District
* A windy beach
* Another planet
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