Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Working class hero

25 years since John Lennon's death. Those of us who are old enough, remember what we were doing when we heard. I was in an ethics lecture, when my friend Nick came and sat next to me and whispered to me. I was momentarily stunned, then started gabbling on like a fool about some irrelevancy, which I won't inflict on you. In those days I tried to shield myself from emotion. Remembering this I am wondering why none of us were paying any attention to the lecture.

When all my friends at school were into the Bay City Rollers and David Cassidy and David Essex and The Osmonds (etc. etc.) I was always in love with John Lennon. I'm not pretending this to make a point now - he was my Very Big Deal at age 13 or so. I ordered all his books (like A Spaniard in the Works) through Darlington library, and read them too.

By the time of his death I wasn't a massive fan. I was into the Sex Pistols and the Clash, and Lennon had become quite middle aged. I'm not criticising Lennon, it's just that being young I related to Lennon as a young man, full of spunk, not some married guy with kids.

The guy delivering the post at work just stopped to talk to me about Lennon he was saying 'if only he had survived, we need him now, what with the war in Iraq and everything'. I've never really spoken to this chap before. I wonder if Lennon would have wanted, or been able, to make a difference.
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