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a game with words - more hard than it looks

So there's a web place where they all post in words that have no more than one beat each. Words that have more than one beat are not used at all. They run a game, to try to change a bit of verse or prose that is well known, to make it from short words that have no more than one beat. To try this makes you think of what words mean.

There are lots here.

Will Shake, John Donne have all been tried. And here is Port of Kent Beach, a verse that I love, changed to words of one beat each. And Stryped Cat by Blake.

Stryped cat! Stryped cat! who burns bright
In the dark wood of the night
What hand or eye not touched by years
Could frame thy form that makes us fear?

This meme from lnhammer who wrote To His Coy Miss - the post is well worth a read (and the things that come next). Here is one I made from a verse by Yeats that you may know.

(The real words are here)

I sail

That is no land for old men.
The young in the arms of the young,
Birds in the trees
- birds that are born and die - and sing -
The red fish jump the falls,
The grey fish crowd the seas,
Fish, flesh, or fowl, praise these long days
All that is born, and lives, and dies.
Caught in that song of sense all turn from me,
No praise for mad old men you see.

An old man is a kind of joke,
A coat of rags raised on a stick, but if
The soul can clap its hands and sing, sing out
For every rag that's in this stick-raised coat...
Nor shall we learn to sing but if we look
On great things of the past that we have done.
And therefore I have sailed the seas and come
To this old town called
er... Byzantium

That last line did not work. It's hard when you need to use the name of a real place or thing which has more than one beat in it. But try to keep the beats per line and the rhyme - aye there's the rub.
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