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Interzone just came, and the whole review section has been taken over by people from my f-list. Outstanding! I wish every magazine was like that.

The other brilliant thing in Interzone is Nick Lowe's SF film review column (not Nick Lowe as in 'Jesus of Cool'). He is so good that every month I want to transcribe massive chunks of his column into my blog. Today he has a long review of 'Howl's Moving Castle' which is very insightful. Particularly about how Miyazaki offers young girls a positive image of themselves: 'Most of whom you shockingly realise have never seen a film in their lives that doesn't insult, patronise, indoctinate and slow-poison their imaginations and aspirations with what the slimiest of Hollywood stink-gods deem they might want'. Good sentence huh? (I'm reading Howl's Moving Castle right now).

Lowe also mentions 'Primer' which I'd love to see - has anyone seen it? I've got a kind of thing about time loop films.
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