Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Sorry for reinventing the wheel

Yeah. I feel kind of funny about that post. Nobody has called me on it, but I am calling myself. I don't know who I'm talking to - just this amorphous invisible group of people 'out there' who aren't listening, or aren't thinking. But what's the point? Nobody like that will hear what I have to say. So I'm left just speaking to people who already know, who don't need to be told. Or insulting men who do care about the safety of the women they know, and don't need to be persuaded with talk of creating a postive social atmosphere where men and women can be friends with each other. Or even worse, talking to women who are like - way ahead of me - who don't need to hear me reinventing the wheel for Neanderthals.

aaargh. I was really rehearsing a futile argument to a group of people - the ones who answered the survey in a dumb way, and their friends - who neither know nor care what I think. Because of the blog format it looked as if I was berating my friends with arguments you are all already way beyond. Sorry.

I just get upset on this subject.
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