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we are here as on a darkling plain

just had a call from brother and sister. both turning up with associated children in two hours. sense of urgency conveyed by failing to add pronouns to sentences and omitting capitalisation (precious time could be wasted on finding the shift key).

Take a breath, love. I should be going to the shop right now to buy lots of meat and beer, and throwing them in a big stew pot, and I will in a second. However I just must post a quick review of 'Goblet of Fire'.

Micro-review - very good, very enjoyable, darker than ever, but not quite prisoner of Azkhaban.

I was just saying to archbishopm that IMHO the idea of Harry Potter (as we were discussing re Lolita and American Psycho) is that the story portrays a bad world, which the p.o.v. character takes as a good world. Harry in book 1 is rescued from an abusive family life into a world where he is a celebrity, and has power. What could possible go wrong? The reader, and to some extent Harry, realise over the course of the series that this is actually a world which is sick - not just with the infection of the death eaters, but with ingrained class and race prejudice, judicial torture, official lies, indifference to suffering. I think fans who read it as a portrait of a healthy, lovely, magical world are quite mistaken.

I think this film reflects that reality quite well.

Loved Eric Sykes, who for some reason I adore and have always adored since I was a child. Loved Jarvis Cocker as a wizard rock star (blink and you'll miss him). Thought David Tennant was sexy to the max. Miranda Richardson - is so effortless in all she does she makes it look easy. What a star. I desperately wanted John Thaw to play Mad Eye Moody, and in a quite different way, but that's my problem. They couldn't resurrect him.

The youngsters. How lucky the casting has been. Harry and Hermoine have not grown into good actors, but they are both very good looking young people. It could have been much, much, worse. Ron however is a remarkable actor for one so young, I think. He's a good comic actor and when he says 'piss off' it brings a tear to your eye.

The book has problems in its structure, and the film rips away massive chunks of plot, which I didn't really miss. Some of the effects and scenes are breathtaking. I'd like to see it again. I can't imagine a HP fan would be anything but happy with this film. It may not be heart-breaking genius, but it's jolly good.
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