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I'm on my hypnotherapy course this weekend. Boy is it hard work. I'm just about to set off on the second day - we do 9.30 to 5.30 Saturday and Sunday. It's good, it's very demanding intellectually and emotionally, and it is more tiring than anything I've done before. Yesterday we practiced techniques for eliciting, what to call it, eliciting confidences, being receptive to the other. You wouldn't think that would knacker you like digging a road up would you?

I think I find a balance inside between confidence, indeed arrogance, and its exact opposite. There's one part of me saying 'You can do anything' and another part saying 'Unlikely to be true, and with an attitude like that you will make a fool of yourself'. Having said that, possibly a course like this is a good compromise between those two voices, in that I am not looking to swan into something without effort (which would be arrogance) but at least I'm giving it a go.
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