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two more short book reviews

Both of kids' books:

Moominsummer madness

What can I say? This is a great heartwarming book, with little or no torture of any kind, which made it a bit of a relief after the previous three. Janssen's humanity and intelligence are manifest throughout. Talking about narrative causality earlier. I notice that these two kids books go too far the other way, the typing up of the narrative into a conventional plot makes them seem rushed and unsatisfying towards the end.

I've lost this copy; perhaps I left it in France. I want to find it because there is a great bit where Misabel and the Snork Maiden find the props cupboard in the floating theatre and I think substituting 'Avon' and 'Jenna' throughout would create a good description of the discovery of the wardrobe room on the Liberator. (This is a reference to Blakes 7 BTW).

Thief of Time

Is it a kids' book? Well it appeals to the kid in me. A major player is Lao Tzu, author of the Tao Te Ching, which I am still slowly trying to translate, so it felt like a friendly read. Compared to (say) Infinite Jest, which I was reading alongside this, the thoughts are simple and straightforward. But on the other hand, they are wholesome and life-enhancing thoughts. This book is like a nice well cooked loaf, compared to Infinite Jest some seaweed and raw fish concoction that you are glad you tried.

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