Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Those good old days

Crooked Timber is discussing this guy Leon Kass (edit - name was wrong before). He's a Professor at the University of Chicago, and Chairman of the President’s Commission on Bioethics. Here he is bewailing the decline of the double standard. Remember, he's complaining that these days are gone.

Most men in earlier times avidly sought sexual pleasure prior to and outside of marriage. But they usually distinguished, as did the culture generally, between women one fooled around with and women one married, between a woman of easy virtue and a woman of virtue simply. Only respectable women were respected.

Ah, yes, the good old days when only some women were respected, and you shagged people you neither respected nor liked. Rampant syphillis was a small price to pay. At another point he bewails such innovations as:

effective female contraception; the ideology of feminism; the changing educational and occupational status of women; the destigmatization of bastardy; the general erosion of shame regarding sexual matters; widespread morally neutral sex education

Yes, bring back shame and bastardy and we'd all be happier.

The change most immediately devastating for wooing is probably the sexual revolution. For why would a man court a woman for marriage when she may be sexually enjoyed, and regularly, without it?

Gee, you tell me.

It is a woman’s refusal of sexual importunings, coupled with hints or promises of later gratification, that is generally a necessary condition of transforming a man’s lust into love.

So how come people fall in love nowadys? Where does he think that comes from?

Anyway, none of this would matter if he was just some sad old guy gratifying himself. But he's head of the American bioethics committee?
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