Communicator (communicator) wrote,

My prejudices form an orderly queue

What are drivers of SUVs/4 wheel drives like? Australian study here (though I'm sure the findings apply everywhere).

In their attitudes, city drivers of large 4WDs are morally more conservative and less community orientated than other drivers. They are more likely to dislike homosexuals... have lower regard for Indigenous culture and are less sympathetic to public and charitable support for disadvantaged people... They are more inclined to say they sometimes use force to get their way. Much less likely than other people to describe themselves as ‘a bit of an intellectual’, they ... admit to being technophobes. Drivers of luxury 4WDs are more than twice as likely as the general population to say ‘I was born to shop’

They sound like a delightful bunch don't they?

These are city drivers, if you really live down a dirt track somewhere, and drive a 4WD for good reason, this does not apply.
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