Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Mo Movie Measure

A week or so ago gair reminded me of the 'Mo Movie Measure'

It's an idea from an old Dykes to Watch Out For cartoon. The character "Mo" explains that she only watches movies in which

1) there are at least two female characters with names,
2) who talk to each other
3) about something other than a man.

The point being that there aren't many films that pass this test.

Of course there can be good films which are only about romance (Pride and Prejudice I praised only this week) and there can be good films with one or fewer named women characters in them (most of my favourite films in fact). But what a shame that there are so few of this other category - films with many interesting female characters, who aren't only concerned with romance. So much of my life consists of talking with other women about subjects other than men. And this massive proportion of every woman's life is more or less missing from the cinema.

I think men (in general) don't realise how women deal with this lack, which is to identify with the male characters. Well, anyone reading livejournal will know it, but I am told there are corners of our civilisation which have not yet been illuminated.
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