Communicator (communicator) wrote,

'If you fiddle with it, it'll never get better'

Am I going to post about Lost every week? It's like a wobbly tooth that I can't stop poking at. This week we had two episodes that gave Sayid quite a lot of screen time. And phew. The show seems to be set up to give the ladies an eyeful of the pretty. And that's just about it. It's so shallow it's not even shallow. I agree with those who said this is like dummy SF. It's got the quick rewards you get from an SF show without the struggle for meaning.

The Delenn character was introduced in next week's episode previewed on E4, and suffice to say, the premise pandered to one's baser nature :-0

But in contrast the entire golf plot was just one of the worst things I have ever seen on TV. WTF? The women are all standing around watching delightedly and applauding while the guys play golf? I've heard of the alternative universe hypothesis but this stretches credulity to its outer limits.
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