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The personalities of 49-Up

MBTI is a method for classifying and describing personalities, which I think is fun. I was inspired to anlyse the participants in 49-Up in MBTI terms. You will, I think, be able to follow this discussion even if you don't know MBTI.

The most common personality types are the 'SJ' types. These are people who are happier relating to the physical world than to absract ideas, but whose sensual nature is constrained by social and logical judgement. They are co-operative, conscientious, hard working, and conservative. Two of the people on 7-Up were SJs. These were Tony the cab driver and Bruce the maths teacher. Both worked very hard and were solid members of the community. I think Tony is ESTJ (possibly ESFJ, as he said his core value was love) - an extrovert, hard headed type, and successful in the world. Bruce was ISTJ I think , the type of the shy accountant. Like all the ISTJs I know he was community minded and a team player.

The second most common type is the 'SP' type. Their sensual perception of the world is stronger than their social judgement. As a result they are the most effective type, but not methodical or co-operative. I think the attractive woman (what was her name) was ESTP - extrovert, hard headed, sensual. The same type as Madonna or Bill Clinton, like them she was sexually active, charming, easily bored, and had made something of herself. The other SP was the Australian man who had been in care. He was the opposite - soft hearted and introverted ISFP. Plagued by self doubt, he loved animals (very typical ISFP). This is the same type as many visual artists and animal rights campaigners like Bridget Bardot.

I think the two remaining women were Ns - intuitive abstract thinkers. These two women did something unique - they questioned the basis of the show, the abstract idea of what the director was doing. And challenged him about it.

The disabled povery-stricken single mother was I think the most intelligent person interviewed (although uneducated), and also the most assertive and argumentative. I believe she is ENTP, like many Sf writers and extrovert scientists such as Richard Feynman. She understood how Apted used editing for instance to impose an abstract vision on the show, and she criticised him very frankly on how he had framed her personality. I think she is in a lesbian relationship, and had manipulated Apted into not mentioning it. Quite a lass.

The final woman - the very upper class married mother - was so excruciatingly shy and introverted that it was hard to tell her type. Possibly INTJ like Isaac Newton, but probably INFJ (introverted, idealistic, judgement oriented like ,many mainstream novelists). She intuited very strongly how the show exposed her character to general judgement, and found that very painful.

A fascinating experience. I would be interested in your conflicting (or non-conflicting) views.
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