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49-up: What survives

49-Up was less harrowing than I expected. Compared to mid-thirties and early-forties the people seem to be stronger, more confident, less apologetic and more in charge of their lives. The emotional temperature was upbeat and relaxed on the whole. I gather that everyone is interested in astronaut Neil, as he featured in all the teaser shots, and at the end they said 'Next week... find out about Neil! Oh, and all those other guys'

There had been more inter-class movement than I remembered. At least one woman was now middle class, and Tony the cab driver was prosperous.

What I am really interested in is the characters, and I'll do a second post about that, using my favourite MBTI system to analyse them. I am impressed by the range of characters, how character is preserved but also changed as the years go by. It's beautiful.

And one can not help but be struck by what matters in life, and what doesn't matter. i won't belabour the point, but it's perfectly obvious from watching the show that some values endure and others fade. Also that strong people eat up adversity, while gentle people feel pain all their lives, but survive just as well as the strong do.

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