Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Stuff happens

My new CV strategy seems to be paying off. The people in Manchester phoned back to see if I was still interested (answer - in principle, but come back to me when you have work in the Midlands) and two other organisations have asked me to attend interviews next week. I highly recommend the restructured CV approach, it was worked like magic for me.

My mum is on holiday in Tuscany. She phoned last night in a panic - she has forgotten her Parkinson's medication and they don't stock it in Italy. H has been great. He went to see her doctor today (60 mile round trip), got a new prescription, got the medicine, phoned DHL - courier to Italy 50 quid - and is going home now to pack it in bubble wrap and drive to their depot in Coleshill. What a star. I hope my mum appreciates him.
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