Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Lost again

Watching 'Lost' last night, H says 'You are usually right about TV shows, but this is absolute shite.' He later went on to opine 'This is worse than &%^(&* Dallas.'

It's an interesting point of view, and once he had said it I could see what he meant. The acting and the storyline are rigidly stylised. To a grounded viewer like H, who is impatient with bullshit, I can see how it sets off his warning bells. I still might go off it, but at the moment I like it. Why? I quite like structurally formalised shows (Quantum Leap, 24 and Without a Trace are examples) I like ensemble shows (eg anything on a space ship) I am more willing than H to give allegorical drama a chance (Beckett for instance). Might still be bullshit though. Look what happened to Boomtown: started so well, ended so shite.

And of course there is the issue of gratuitous torture. I think the first comment I ever read on Lost was someone on my f-list complaining about the torture scene. 24 has quite a few as well. is it exciting to you? Offensive? Interesting, but not emotionally upsetting?

Personally I like to see fighting more than torture, and I find torture of women and children virtually impossible to watch. I didn't mind this scene though. But contrary opinions are of course very welcome.
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