Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Chariots of fire, and other vehicles

So there's some kind of campaign to have 'Jerusalem' declared the national anthem of England or something? I am a massive fan of William Blake of course (see icon), so I am quite keen. But then the Daily Mail are behind it aren't they? Do they even have a clue what the poem is about? Do I?

Here are four more suggestions for tunes that sum up what it is to be English. I think any of these would be great played at major sporting occasions, when we win something.

1 - Match of the Day theme tune
2 - The whistling from 'The Great Escape'
3 - That tune they play on Benny Hill when he is running around a field after a nurse with big knockers, and the film is all speeded up, and there's a little man with a bald head, and a policeman runs after them waving a truncheon
4 - 'You do the shake and vac/ And put the freshness back'

Any other suggestions?
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