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For some reason I have developed a terrific craving for organic flax seed. You buy it as 'golden linseed' in health food shops. Nutritionally it is pretty good stuff, very low carb and packed with Omega-6 and Omega-some other number fatty acid, like fatty fish are. In fact, my vegetarian friends may like to try this as a nutritional supplement. I have just been researching it and discover it also contains 'phyto-oestrogen' which may be part of the semi-addictive response I am getting to it.

My addiction really came home to me when I went to France, where you can't get the stuff (or I couldn't find it anyway) and I experienced quite powerful cravings. Something like I imagine smokers feel on quitting, only without the concern for one's health.

The only other time I have had food cravings was when I was pregnant. At that time I craved calcium. I started by chewing chalk and limestone, but when I figured it out I started buying health food tablets of Dolomite (a kind of digestible limestone) and crushed oyster shell. You have to be careful because normal calcium supplements have Vitamin D in them, which is dangerous in excess, so I had to avoid those due to the amount of calcium I was wolfing down at the time (like two week's supply in an afternoon).

Like calcium, flaxseed is quite bland and crunchy/chewy. I have never met anyone else who actively likes the stuff. But I find the sensual process of eating it much more satisfying that (say) chocolate.

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