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Mo Mowlam

I am very sorry that Mo Mowlam has gone. A well loved politician who did a lot of good; she was an inspiring role model for dumpy middle aged women the world over :-).

Sadly the only anecdote I can tell about her is a sad memory for me. A friend of mine worked as her researcher during the last Tory administration, but he developed schizophrenia. It was all very tragic. Last time I saw him he was severely disturbed, and I think he's now institutionalised. So, although she is the senior politician I had the closest real life link to, I know almost nothing real about her. The news of her death just brings my old friend to my mind.

To be positive - although Mo has gone, her life made a difference.

ETA Guardian obituary - including a story I didn't know: Mo may have had an encounter with Ted Bundy but fought him off (see half way through the story)

metafilter post with links and comments

Mo told Ian Paisley to fuck off
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