Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Intuition tests

Have you seen this intuition test? I think it does test your 'intuition' - in the sense of your immediate apprehension or inference. It's in two sections, the first is about 'scientific' intuition (actually, inference about the various worldly facts) and the second 'inter-personal' intuition (judge from pictures 'are these people really kissing or just pretending' etc.). There is one mention of self-harm, so miss it out if that might upset you.

I did rather better on the so-called scientific questions, while I got 70% on human intuition. But frustratingly, they don't tell you the right answers - were they really kissing or not damnit?

Here's another intuition test from OK cupid. Which of these paired photos shows a gay or straight person?. The pictures are randomised, so you get a different set each time. I got 70% in this as well (I was better at guessing girls than boys). I hesitated before posting this. I hope nobody think this test represents offensive stereotyping. My feeling was that it's a test of the social intuition of the person guessing, and the photos were of volunteers using self-descriptions of their sexuality. Once again I was frustrated that there were no 'answers' at the end.

ETA - did it again and got 80%, but the pics were more polarised this time.
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