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My Caribbean connection

I've been doing a little bit of work today. In the 1990s I wrote three ICT text books for use in schools. They did quite well, made me some money (still coming in to this day) but they are a bit old fashioned now. It was nearly ten years ago I started working on them.

Anyway, my publisher is now trying to re-package them for use in the developing world, where schools often use recycled hardware and software (Windows 95 for example). I signed a form about two years ago allowing them to translate the books into Arabic, though I don't think that''s happened yet.

Currently I'm working with a guy called Ramesh, from Trinidad, to make changes to allow the books to be used in the Caribbean. For example, I've got an extensive spreadsheet exercise that models heat loss from a house with and without insulation. This doesn't make any sense in a hot country. They are also going to re-shoot all the photos to change the ethnic profile.

This project would have gone ahead last year but the meetings to take it forward last autumn were put back indefinitely by the hurricane that hit Jamaica.

Alas I don't get to go to the Caribbean - the fancy pants publishers do all of that stuff. I just get the emails.

ETA - hey, how come the spell checker changed Caribbean to Carribean - is that American spelling? Now I'm looking at them both and I can't see which is the right one.

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