Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Local food, for local people

The indiginous population of Mexico found that their maize crops were sometimes infected with a fungus called corn smut. But times were sometimes very hard and when they were desperate enough, they had to eat the infected corn. Amazingly, it was not only non-toxic, but it had an .. interesting taste. It is a local delicacy called huitlacoche. Now you can buy it in cans. Yes it's the ugliest food in the world.

Local delicacies are often food that looks/tastes disgusting to non-locals. In my neck of the woods it's mushy peas (mmm.. had that this evening) and black pudding (blood sausage). I like 'em both. Grits always look a bit yuck to me. Congee is another one. Got any suggestions from your local area?

(You may have also seen the ugliest dog in the world.)
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