Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Saddest of the sad

Following on from that discussion of adults reading children's books. I got this from Nick but apparently it was also cited in fandom wank. railway went to buy the new Harry Potter book. Remember this is an adult person.

I was one of the few to dress up, and I was the best-dressed. I'm not being vain, I honestly had the most detailed and accurate costume there. We were told in line, that the best-dressed person in line gets to open the box and have the first Half-Blood Prince book.

But OMG she didn't win!! The prize (of opening a box and getting a book out) was given to a little girl.

I made an effort. I spent money making an effort. I showed up early. I will remember and treasure this event for ever and eternity. And I'm passed over for an ugly little brat with a sparkly tie. Woo fucking woo. I didn't stab her in the eye with my wand. I WANTED to. I talked about doing so VERY FUCKING LOUDLY. I was going to eviscerate her mother with the cover of my brand-new copy. I fucking hate breeders and child-lovers.

Oh-kay. She turned up at a children's book event and shouted loudly that she wanted to stab a child in the eye? Because she lost a costume competition? Now I have read it all. This has to be the dark side of reading kids books.
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