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I want to post about a delicate subject: the treatments available for heavy and painful periods (to treat symptoms and causes). The reason I am posting is that I am having a hysterectomy this week. I have been going to doctors about this problem for years (as it got worse and worse) and been told over and over again 'there is no treatment', 'you just have to put up with it', 'this is normal for women'. All of these statements are false. When I was finally referred to a specialist it was too late to employ the wide range of treatments available.

But treatments do exist. I'll list some of them below the cut. Please feel free to link to this post, or pass on the details to any friends who might benefit. I feel quite strongly about this. I wish I had had this information.

Also please add comments with other treatments you are aware of.

- In some cases treatments may have different names in different countries.

- These are not holistic or alternative therapies. There are plenty of these that are also worth trying, please comment if you have good ones to recommend.

Treating Symptoms

There is a drug called tranexamic acid which reduces blood loss. I thought it wasn't working so I stopped taking it. Oh boy, I realised it had been working, when I woke up in bed that looked like the set of Psycho. I have to take four grams per day.

There is a another drug called mefenamic acid which makes your periods hurt less. It really works, get hold of it if you have this problem. I take a gram of this a day.

There is an injection called Prostap which knocks out your oestrogen, and stops periods temporarily. This is not a long term solution, and alas it made me feel very ill and didn't work. But I know several women it has worked for, and it will give you a few months break from the strain of heavy blood loss if you are getting very poorly. You can also get similar treatments as a nasal spray and I think an implant.

Speaking of which you could use the contraceptive implant or injection to achieve a similar result; this depends on your age and tolerance of articifical hormones.

Treating underlying causes

Get an ultrasound scan, as you do when you are pregnant. The specialist will be able to see what sort of tumours etc. you have and where they are. This forms a good basis for further interventionist treatments.

Microwave ablation focuses microwaves from many different low-intensity sources to remove the endometrium (under anaesthetic I hasten to add). This is also a treatment for endometriosis if you suffer from that.

Embolisation blocks the blood supply to the tumour. Too late for me but could work for you. This article is wary.

myomectomy means cutting out the tumour. It is risky and may not work permanently, but I would recommend this if you still want to have kids. It might give you a few years without hysterectomy. (Thanks to trixieleitz for giving me the correct spelling)
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