Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Beep beep yeah

Do you suffer from road rage? This quiz will tell you.

Sample question

You are driving down the road going your usual speed when you spot a woman driver putting on her makeup. Do you:

a. laugh and continue on your way.

b. drive by and give her a dirty look

c. speed past her and yell "Forget it; It won't help"

d. speed past give her the finger, yell obscenities

e. same as 'd' but also cut in front of her and slam on the brakes

My result: 'You have your good and bad days.' Well, that's true.

If you do suffer from road rage, here are some charming cards with angry messages that you can wave at other drivers. Well it makes a nice change from holding the hand as if it were gripping a cylindrical object and exercising the wrist.
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