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More TV

I really don't have enough to do at work today. I've been reading the Bfi top 100 of British TV and Top 20 single dramas and Top 20 drama series.

Which have made me think of a few more outstanding TV moments.

Blue Remembered Hills: children played by adults, and outstanding cast including Helen Mirren. My best bit is Colin Jeavons accidentally burning himself to death at the end. Devestating. Written by Dennis Potter

Abigail's Party: awesome throughout. I can hardly pick a best bit. Alison Steadman is incredible. Written by Mike Leigh. Possibly the best piece of social realism ever shown on British TV.

Edge of Darkness. Bob Peck mourning his dead daughter is my outstanding scene, but the whole thing was on a different level from most TV.

Our Friends in the North. Ecclestone again. But my favourite scene is the very end, as Daniel Craig, mad and broken, walks away. Possibly the best British drama series of the 1990s (suprisingly under-rated I thought).

The very first Prime Suspect season. Helen Mirren again. I watched this on holiday one year and nearly fainted with suspense and fear. I think I was pregnant which added to the horror and vulnerability. The outstanding scene is probably the revelation of the killer's identitiy. The quality fell away slightly after the first season. Written by Lynda La Plante who is a bit variable.

going home now, another productive day
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