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Ultra TV

Greatest TV moments. Of course there have been many great moments, but I have my own private highly restrictive list. I am excluding real life reportage, because that becomes 'greatest moments in modern history' which is a different thing altogether. If I were including that we would be looking at 'One small step for man', 'They think it's all over', Thatcher's resignation etc.

Ultra TV

The Germans A Fawlty Towers episode that can surely not be bettered. Easy to take it for granted now, but at the time it took me to a new place. Written and directed by John Cleese.

Star One: the last episode of season 2 of Blakes 7. A single spaceship stands between the human race and the alien invasion fleet. Last word of the episode 'Fire!'. Magic. Written by Chris Boucher, directed by David Maloney.

Supergrass: from the excellent series 'The Comic Strip presents'. Robbie Coltrane walks along a harbour wall, being battered by massive waves (for real) carrying a chain saw. When he gets to the end of the wall he plunges into the sea, and carves up a drug-carrying yacht. Written and Directed by Peter Richardson.

To be a somebody: from the series Cracker. The long death scene of DCI Bilborough (Christopher Ecclestone) after being stabbed in the stomach by Albie (Robert Carlyle).I always think he's going to make it. Written by Jimmy McGovern. I think directed by Antonia Bird, but I may be wrong.

I'm trying to isolate one scene from this season of Doctor Who now. But which? And there is probably some brilliant moment from Top of the Pops which I will kick myself for forgetting. There must be other ultra-TV moments which belong on this list but I'm not sure what they are. The key for me is that I'm not thinking 'this is jolly good' but 'this is incredible'.

ETA iain reminds me I should have included the last scene of season 4 of Blackadder, where they run into the gunfire.
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